108 Media Corp Provides Successful Production and Distribution Services for Vurdalak Blood

The world of film and entertainment continues to be a very important one as it provides entertainment and global insight to people all over the world. One company that has continued to be a major part of this industry is 108 Media Corp, which provides a variety of distribution, production, and management services for the development of films and television shows produced and distributed all over the world. Recently, the company was involved in the production of Vurdalak Blood, which is one of the most anticipated horror films of the year. 

Vurdalak Blood Provides Unique Take on Vampire Lore

Vampire horror films have been very popular with people for a long time. One of the reasons that 108 Media Corp was drawn to the film was because of the unique story. The storyline of Vurdalak Blood follows a vampire hunter in the hours following an intense vampire hunt. During this time, it becomes increasingly unclear whether he is still human or is transforming into a vampire himself. This raises significant questions about his future life and impact on his family and community. 

108 Media Corp Provides Valued Production Services for Film

The Vurdalak Blood film is well known for having a great script that was based on a short story that was written nearly 200 years ago. However, the production would have never reached the level of success that it has had if it was not for the services provided by 108 Media Corp. The team with this production company helped to co-produce the film and ensure it receives the distribution needed to ensure it can be seen by people all over the world. 

Film Sold to Cleopatra Entertainment

After the final production of Vurdalak Blood, it had become clear that the film will have an international draw. Due to this, getting it into the right hands was very important. The team with 108 Media Corp was able to help broker a deal with Cleopatra Entertainment who will not take over ownership rights of the film. They have already created a plan that will help to ensure that it is accessible in a convenient manner to all film lovers. 

Vurdalak Blood to Receive October Release

After acquiring the film along with the brokerage provided by 108 Media Corp, Cleopatra Entertainment has already developed a plan for the release of the film. They expect that it will be released by the end of October on various streaming services. This is great timing for the release given the Halloween holiday. 

Vurdalak Blood is likely to be a very popular horror film as it provides a unique take on the vampire genre. While it was written based on a popular short story, the efforts of many individuals and organizations, such as the team with 108 Media Corp, have helped to ensure it was sold to the right distribution firm to ensure it can be seen all over the world.