Overview of Valued Services Provided by 108 Media Corp

The film and media industry is an incredibly important one that helps to ensure that people all over the world have access to various forms of news and entertainment. One company that is a big part of this is 108 Media Corp. The team here helps filmmakers and other entertainment professionals with a variety of services including development and distributions, branding and marketing, and even project finance. The company recently announced the release of a variety of new projects.

 108 Media Corp Announced Debut of “Lost in Blue

One of the most anticipated films that 108 Media has been a partner of in recent years is “Lost in Blue. This is a dramatic mystery film that focuses on the illicit drug industry and the impact that it has on the lives of different people in a variety of ways. The Chinese film revolves around the life of a college student that starts to experiment with various drugs and experiences a variety of different outcomes. The story is very impactful and will be an eye-opening experience for viewers.

Dual Personality” Provides New Film Format

While 108 Media Corp has helped with the production of some traditional films, they have also continued to be involved when it comes to the innovation of the industry. Recently, the company was involved with the development of an exciting new film called “Dual Personality”. This is a unique film that was shot only through the use of a standard smartphone. The film has a great story and is a very engaging mystery that will keep you captivated and impressed by all the great content that can be captured on just a phone.

New Singaporean Independent Films

108 Media Corp also announced that they had form partnerships that would be used to help develop a few different independent films. One of these films is the new “The Last Artisan” independent film, which is the story of an experienced and aging craftsman that is looking to pass his experience on to the next generation of professionals. The company also will be involved with the anticipated film “Not My Mothers Baking.” This is a unique modern comedy film that will discuss a variety of social issues facing countries all over the world today. These new projects will help to showcase the talent of108 Media Corp has offered many services that have helped to bring film to viewers all over the world. Without their support, many of the films that have been recently released would never make it to final production. The company offers many services that can help with this including providing the capital necessary to finance the project, give support during the development of the project and help to market and brand the film prior to its release.